JUST RESTART is an efficient, digital Information Technology company founded in Brisbane, Australia in 1999.   

We are responsive and visionary and we comprise a team of cool staff with a stack of knowledge and skills, including:  problem-solving, programming and technical engineers; branding, sales and marketing people (but we’re not used-car sales people); and creative people who utilise more than their fair share of the right side of their brains.  Plus we’re nice 😊

We assist and support small businesses, new and existing – to transfer and establish their existing manual and conventional administrative procedures to tailored online processes specific to their businesses.  Furthermore, when we commence work and because we go the extra mile, we approach your business holistically and offer marketing services that you may not have considered.

We are mindful that tech buzzwords may be confusing so we will break it all down for you so it’s easy to understand.

We are capable of looking after big companies too, and some Australian Public Service sectors, but our focus here is YOU, and YOUR BUSINESS and we love the challenge to help make your business more prosperous.  

It’s our friendly, professional, smart and comprehensive approach which sets us apart from other Information Technology companies and we want you to feel confident in the knowledge that we’ve got your back.

We encourage you to cross the IT bridge with us.