JUST RESTART is an IT company based in Brisbane, Australia and we provide SMALL BUSINESSES with:

  • digital establishment
  • transition of data
  • office automation
  • information technology solutions, and
  • an internet presence.

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach and ease of use.  😊

Small businesses are the linchpin of our country and our economy.  Business owners are visionary, entrepreneurial and passionate and they wear 10 hats at once steering their businesses to keep them afloat.  However, many businesses operate manually and could be doing things better.  

Our aim is to reduce the hat-wearing time to allow business owners to invest their energy in other areas.

We promise not to blind you with 21st millennium technical buzz words (even we are tormented by them) so take a squiz at this website to see how we can help you, or call us for a CHAT and make a date for a free on-site business assessment.